The Cat Shack

Your Cats - Home Away From Home

Welcome to the website of The Cat Shack Cattery which is located in Hurlyvale, Edenvale.

The Cat Shack was established in 2008 by Brenda and Ulrich Höfer. More a passion than a business.

After having been involved with rescue and re-homing of orphaned and abandoned cats and kittens for the past 27 years, it became quite clear that there was a real need for cat boarding facilities. Our facilities offer cat owners peace of mind while they are away.

Since we are owned by four cats ourselves we know how much a part of your life your cat is. We know from experience to allow cats to be themselves, to settle into their new environment with gentle, loving attention, best suited to their needs and personality. The Cat Shack offers a home away from home environment with friendly dedicated staff whether it be for one night or one month.

More About The Cat Shack

A brief history….
As I child I always loved and grew up with animals. I rescued anything and everything that needed to be cared for. One evening in 1987 whilst walking our dogs in the Hurlyvale Park our Alsatian “Prince” came running out from under a bush with a kitten in his mouth. On closer inspection we found three gorgeous little babies covered in ants. Their eyes and ears were still closed and underneath them was a dead little sibling. I took them home, contacted the vet for advice on feeding and caring for them but unfortunately only one survived. “Garfield” became a big part of our family. It was because of her that my rescue really became my passion.
Since then I have rescued and hand raised hundreds of kittens that have been abandoned or orphaned. Ulli was not a cat person and had never owned a cat so initially he was not too keen on this crazy idea of mine. After much deliberation in 2008 Ulli built me the cattery which was a dream come true.

The boarding facility helps finance the rescue that I do and through this I have managed to get new kennels for the orphans. I have been able to accept mommies and babies that otherwise would have been euthanased and have since sterilized and re-homed a number of babies and adult cats. Now Ulli and I are owned by 4 of our own cats and have been foster parents to numerous babies.